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December 13, 2020

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

If you’re anything like us your gift wrapping season starts with digging out last year’s leftover paper, and realizing all you have to wrap with are tiny scraps. 
We’re all looking to do things a little differently this year, which is why we’re ditching the single use wrapping paper for something a little more useful with zero waste. We’re thinking of our 100% cotton tea towels, handwoven baskets, lightweight bandanas as gift wrap alternatives will impress both the champion gift wrappers the record time present openers on your list. Call it an early new years resolution!

Wrap a Gift in a MINNA Tea Towel

1. Pick your MINNA tea towel, napkin, or bandana and lay it flat on a hard surface.
2. Place your gift in the center.
3. Fold one corner over to reach towards the opposite corner.
4. Fold the opposite corner over your gift and tuck the tail to create a straight edge.

5. Take the two remaining corners and tie them together to create a bow.
Walah! Your gift is wrapped!