We care about the world and our place in it. Our collections are made in small batches by artisans who carry generational knowledge of the beautiful heritage techniques incorporated into each of our products.

Sara's original paintings hanging beside fabric samples in the studio.

Within the artisan sector it is not uncommon for businesses to take traditional designs and sacred motifs, change some colors or applications, and call the design their own. In reality, the ownership of that design belongs to the craftspeople who have mastered their heritage techniques for generations. This is why co-creation is such an important aspect of our design process. We take our time to ensure that we do not misrepresent or appropriate the culture of the artisans we work with.

Our process is highly collaborative. When possible, we design in-person. The artisans’ expertise guide how things are made - they know the techniques better than we ever could. While our designs are contemporary and unique, they are rooted in the shapes and patterns inherent to each technique. We find that designing together in person is the best way to grow our collaboration and our mutual businesses. Frequent visits also allow us to build relationships and meet new artisan groups through word of mouth. We actually found our first partnerships through an in-person connection!

We seek out partnerships with master craftspeople - knitters, weavers, embroiderers who understand the rich complexity of their craft. We also look for individuals who are specifically interested in innovation. We recognize that the designs and styles we produce aren’t traditional - and asking someone to create in a new style might not be their preference. We believe that creating sustainable employment using heritage techniques, albeit in a contemporary aesthetic, creates a process that allows for technique preservation.

Lines Rug in Dusk in process on a vertical loom in Arequipa, Peru.



2022 Impact Report

We are proud to present our 2022 Impact Report. From closing our first investment round tobrining on a Chief of Impact, 2022 was a pivotal year for MINNA and we are pleased to share this snapshot of what we have accomplished, what we are working on and what we are working towards!

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