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Artisan Partners

Our Philosophy

We believe that contemporary design should not sacrifice social responsibility or quality. By focusing on artisan production and traditional craft techniques, we strive to ensure both craft preservation and job creation. Our process is highly collaborative and we trust the workmanship, skill and knowledge of our artisan partners. The artisans we work with set their own wages and we are committed to following fair trade practices in all aspects of our business.

Our Partners

We collaborate with family-run workshops and independently run cooperatives. In Mexico we work with a family of rug weavers in Teotitlan de Valle, flying shuttle weavers in Mitla, backstrap weaversi in Pantelho, and a family of flying shuttle weavers in Zinacantan. In Guatemala, we work with wool pedal loom weavers in Momostenango and cotton pedal loom weavers near Lake Atitlan. In Uruguay we work with the largest women's cooperative. Our artisan partners are our close friends and collaborators, and they also happen to be our biggest source of inspiration.

Backstrap weavers in Pantelho.

Natural dye process in Oaxaca.

On the way to Cancuc.

Natural dye workshop in Oaxaca, City.

Sara working with our head rug weaver Luis in Teotitlan de Valle

The pedal loom workshop in Mitla.

Pedal loom weavers in Nahuala, Guatemala.

Sara working with our rug partners in Momostenango, Guatemala.