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Artisan Partners

Our Philosophy

We care about the world and our place in it. By focusing on artisan production and traditional craft techniques, we strive to ensure both craft preservation and job creation. It’s important to us to preserve these pre-hispanic techniques and make sure these crafts and the history, language, and culture that surrounds them, endure in the face of mass production. By pairing traditional methods with contemporary design, we can assist in creating a market that this work may not otherwise be able to reach. We think that by working within the realm of design, we can do our part in improving the world and people’s lives on an individual level – whether it’s our customers or the artisans we work with.

Our Partners

We work with family-run workshops and independently-run cooperatives. Our process is highly collaborative, and we trust the workmanship, skill, and knowledge of our artisan partners. The artisans set their own wages, and we are committed to following fair trade practices in all aspects of our business. Many of the artisans have been working in their mediums for generations and are masters at their craft. Our artisan partners are our close friends and collaborators, as well as our biggest source of inspiration. We see our approach to production as a direct investment in the lives of the artisans we work with. We depend on each other to be successful, and by choosing to make products in the way we do, we directly create jobs that encourage growth and financial stability.

Backstrap weavers in Pantelho.

Natural dye process in Oaxaca.

On the way to Cancuc.

Natural dye workshop in Oaxaca, City.

Sara working with our head rug weaver Luis in Teotitlan de Valle

The pedal loom workshop in Mitla.

Pedal loom weavers in Nahuala, Guatemala.

Sara working with our rug partners in Momostenango, Guatemala.