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Caring for Wooden Furniture with Linens

By Chrissy Lifton

Our wood tables and furniture deserve care and attention. From sun splotches to water marks, prevent (or cover up) damage from moisture and the sun with handwoven linens to increase the longevity of your beloved pieces of wood furniture. 

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MINNA Tabletop Linens


Place our Ridges or crocheted coasters anywhere you might enjoy a drink: on the table, at the bedside, and on any other side furniture.


The surefire way to prevent damages from sun, moisture, and scratches. For a more neutral look, go for our Stacks tablecloths; for something more colorful, go for the Meridian Tablecloths.


Prevent scratches and stains from food by setting down placemats at mealtime. Our RidgesPalm, and Panalito placemats have a tight weave that will keep wooden tables dry.


Want to prevent or cover scratches and stains on a dresser or console? Our Dash Runner Neutral and Shapes Runner happen to look beautiful draped over wooden furniture in any space.

We hope you found this helpful. Take a look at all our tabletop linens here.