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November 18, 2022

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

At MINNA we are always looking for fun ways to use our textiles. Once gifting season comes around, we always come back to this tried and true method of wrapping that doubles as an extra gift! Use our tea towels, (or towels for larger items!) napkins or bandanas, for zero waste wrapping that can be reused for years to come. 

All of our textiles are handwoven, made to last, and come in a diversity of colors, which makes them perfect multi-purpose options for gifting! This sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper and ribbons is both environmentally friendly, and reusable. 

Learn how to wrap your items in our step-by-step guide below and remember to add this to your DIY Pinterest board so you can come back to it each time.

1. Pick your favorite MINNA tea towelsnapkin or bandana (for larger items, check out our collection of woven cotton towels which also double as scarves like this one in Honeydew!) and lay it flat on a hard surface.

2. Place your gift in the center.

3. Fold one corner over to reach towards the opposite corner.

4. Fold the opposite corner over your gift and tuck the tail to create a straight edge.

5. Take the two remaining corners and tie them together to create a knot.

6. Place a handwritten tag or card in between the folds.

7. You're all set!

PS: If you're in need of some ideas on what to gift, have a browse through our 2022 Ethical Gift Guide — There's something for everyone!