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The MINNA Pillow Guide

By Halee Hastad

Navigating the world of online pillow shopping can be daunting, but fear not – we've curated this pillow guide to simplify the process. Explore our collection of handwoven, unique, and absolutely stunning pillows with ease.
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The MINNA Pillow Guide

Decorative pillows are sort of like the special toppings on a sundae - they provide character, texture, and dimension to a space. Your sofa, armchair and bed? Sure, they’re lovely on their own, but the added comfort and character that pillows offer is substantial. At our shop in Hudson, NY, customers get the opportunity to browse the different colors, weaving techniques, and materials that make up our pillow collection. Shopping for pillows online, however, can be challenging, as you miss out on the tactile benefits of being at our shop. We’re hoping to bridge that gap and recreate an in-store feeling for you here on the journal to better assist with your online pillow shopping experience.

Making a Statement

Sometimes all you need is that one pillow to really pull a room together. Whether working with multiple colors in a space, or a blend of neutrals, creating a cohesive color story can depend on the final touches. We love the idea of taking one of our more colorful pillows such as Loops to bring a room together. The Prism colorway is bold, warm, and dimensional. The neutrality of the off-white base amplified by persimmon, navy, purple and goldenrod - make this pillow stand out. The Neutral colorway - beige, cream, and dusty blue - offers a more subtle take on bold, while still giving that little extra something. We love the Loops Pillow in any space that’s in need of some shape and texture as it functions perfectly on a blank canvas.

Loops Pillow - Prism-overlay-image
Loops Pillow Prism

Made in Peru


The Cartographer is guaranteed to bring interest to your space. Inspired by mapping, this design offers an eye-catching, wandering landscape. The Original colorway is vibrant, almost whimsical, and pairs well alongside shades of sand, terracotta, orange, and yellow. The Light colorway, on the other hand, is cooling, and flows perfectly with pinks, dark blues and grays, and black. Like the Loops Pillows, we suggest the Cartographer in spaces where there isn’t already an abundance of shape or movement at play, as they work so well to tie a minimal space together.

The main reason we love a statement pillow is because it means buying just one pillow. While we always love to mix-and-match, we want to make the case that sometimes, one pillow is really all you need.

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Texture & Material

A decorative pillow isn’t all looks, it’s also feel. At MINNA we appreciate luxurious textures and materials. Our Sheila, Angle, and, newest to our collection, Cloud, Pillows cover this category while offering a variety of colors.
Handwoven in Peru, our Sheila Pillow comes in two naturally dyed colorways - a dreamy light pinky peach and moody gray. They feature a 100% merino wool front, and an off-white, 100% organic cotton boucle backing. They’re super soft, and offer a subtle texture that blends well with a wide variety of looks and feels.

The Angle Pillow has the same weave as our Sheila, but features super soft, handspun, 100% GOTS-Certified organic cotton as an alternative to wool. This pillow offers a subtle design in both the Terracotta and Coffee colorways, both of which would pair well in spaces that are earthy, soft, and in need of just a touch of shape.

Plush and fluffy, the Cloud pillow brings a true sense of style and functional comfort to a space. This collection also features GOTS-certified organic cotton, and they really are soft as a cloud. Like the Loops pillows, our Cloud is handknit. The Oyster is an off-white that dreams are made of, while Persimmon and Goldenrod are wonderfully pigmented to bring a dimensional stroke of solid color to any space.

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Our Julie and Patchwork Pillow collections have quickly become some of our most popular here at MINNA. Handwoven by pedal loom weavers in Lima, Peru using super soft, yet durable 100% alpaca wool, these two collections offer design and color that is versatile and easy to mix in with a space you already love.

Julie Pillow - Sky-overlay-image
Julie Pillow Sky

Made in Peru


The Julie Pillow and matching Patchwork lumbars are real sweethearts in our line. Designed to style together, all three of the colorways easily fit into a wide variety of palates and the geometric design makes them easy to pair together. Forest offers a rich green with deep sea blues and a touch of tan. Terracotta is a bit more lighthearted, with muted purple, and desert-like hues of red and orange. Sky is striking, with contrast coming from off-white, sandy beiges and a subtle robin’s egg blue backing.

These collections have enough design and color variation in each of the pillows to allow them to flow easily into an already set color scheme, while also providing a truly unique palette of their own.

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Size & Scale

One of our favorite tricks for making the most of any space is to play with the size and scale of the pillows we’re styling. This is another instance where decorative pillows aren’t just for style, but also serve a function. We often suggest thinking beyond the bed or sofa when it comes to pillows. Imagine them on your rug, or on a bench in the kitchen or hallway. Really, they’re perfect for tying a space together. 

Our Pantelhó Pillows come in both a standard and large size, the latter of which being 30” x 30”, making them our largest decorative pillow. We love this style as much on the floor as on the bed or a deep-set sofa. All three colorways are modern, but timeless. Black looks beautiful in a space already saturated with color, while the Cerulean and Rust bring a muted neutrality. These are perfect in that plant-filled corner, or small, cozy reading nook.

Our Dog Beds have easily become a MINNA fan favorite. Not only are they perfect for your dog (or cat), they look amazing as a big floor cushion for adults and children alike to hang out on. These are large, colorful, and completely machine washable. We’ve even seen them used as ultra chic sofa cushions.

Many of our pillow designs come in a lumbar size, which offer a lot of flexibility in a space. They add diversity to a standard size pillow, while also having the ability to stand on their own on an armchair or rocker. They also look great on a twin bed. 

When it comes to pillow size and scale - we say think outside the norm. Go big, try small. See what you can do with the sizes in between, and experiment with how and where you’re using our pillows.

It’s not always easy to decide what toppings you want on your sundae. Does one go savory? Sweet? Minimal, or over the top. Too, picking out pillows to complete or complement your space can be a challenge, especially online. Just like there are so many flavors to pick from, there are so many textures, colors, and designs to consider. We believe in the styles in our collection, and know that there is something here for everyone, and every space. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement, or just a little extra something to tie a room together - we’ve got you covered. 

If you have questions about our collection or need advice in choosing the perfect pillow or pillow pairing, send us a note at help@minna-goods.com. We’ll be happy to walk you through the best options for your home.

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