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2021 Impact Report

By Sara Berks

This Earth Day we are proud to present our 2021 Impact Report. From receiving our B-Corp certification to beginning the process of streamlining our production process with sustainable design at its core, we are pleased to share this snapshot of what we have accomplished, what we are working on and what we are working towards! 
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2021 Impact Report

As some of you may know, MINNA began as a glimmer in my mind in 2013 when I began weaving one-of-a-kind pieces by hand. I launched what is now known as MINNA in 2015, partnering with four artisan groups in Mexico and Guatemala to produce 12 products. Today, we work with well over 400 artisans across five countries, producing over 500 products.

My vision when I started was simple: make beautiful, tangible things, use design to create a positive impact, and use business to do good. I looked to businesses such as Eileen Fisher and Patagonia as inspiring models.

I’m so thrilled that we’ve joined their ranks: in 2021 MINNA received our B Corp certification. And while I know certifications aren’t the end all be all (I can write at length about why and probably will one day!), going through the certification process re-affirmed my beliefs: it is indeed possible to do good, especially when you’re in good company.

The process also taught me a bit about releasing my eternal struggle with perfection. The assessment in fact encourages continual improvement. I’ve been incorporating this with our team: it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to test the waters. That’s our approach with measuring impact. We’re not perfect, but we’re doing a good job, and eventually we’ll be better.


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Manufacturing Philosophy

Vision For Sustainability

2021 Impact Report compiled with the support of our Equity and Social Impact Advisor, Manpreet Kalra.

Photography by:

George Underwood, Skye Parrott, Kate Sears, Sara Berks, Ray Vazquez, and Leslie Estrada