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June 30, 2021 Impact

2020 Impact Report

Yes, we're half-way through 2021. and we're here to say our 2020 Impact Report is ~ finally ~ ready for the world to see. We hope you don't mind our tardiness. 2020 was a real doozy, so we gave ourselves the time we needed to compile what we accomplished, reflect on it, and plan for the next year.

Read Our 2020 Impact Report:

2020 was a year of great growth and introspection for so many of us. Each of us had to grapple with our place in the world while navigating a global pandemic, confronting systemic racism, and the destruction capitalism and white supremacy have caused.

MINNA exists in a complex industry, shaped by layers of racial, geographic, linguistic and economical power dynamics to name a few. Deconstructing this complexity is critical and something we have been and continue to actively address. In order to deconstruct our place, we must first recognize where we stand in relation to power. We are a queer owned business. We’re also predominantly white. In some spaces some of us have a marginalized identity, but in most spaces we don’t. It’s important to acknowledge that, to show the humanity, facets, and intersectionality of our reality.

We took a lot of steps this year to formalize how we approach running our business with equity and justice. We’ve always said we do things differently, and this year, we took action towards really challenging each aspect of how we run our business. So much was behind the scenes: from introspective conversations with the team about systemic racism to changing our hiring practices to try to combat it to rethinking how we both approach and communicate our impact within the artisan sector. We invested in truly evaluating how we approach equity across our business. We put systems in place to begin diversifying our team and are proud to see the results — we received more BIPOC applicants than historically and hope to continue seeing this growth for future hiring.

A large part of our work this year also involved our commitment to community, both locally and globally. Despite navigating the uncertainty brought about by a global pandemic, we continued to place regular orders to make sure our artisan partners had steady work. We introduced masks to increase access to PPE and keep teams working. Masks became a way to support artisan partners, their communities, and communities across the United States. We donated masks to protestors, shelters, and grassroots organizations. Most importantly, we made a commitment to redistribute 3% of our yearly profit in the form of sustained, monthly recurring donations.

Looking forward into the new year, I am both hopeful and excited about all the growing that is yet to come. We are constantly evolving, because if there is anything that 2020 taught us, it is that progress is a process. I am both inspired and honored to work alongside a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to challenging one another and growing together. Thank you for being part of this journey with us, we are so glad you are here.

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2020 Impact Report compiled with the support of our Equity and Social Impact Advisor, Manpreet Kalra. Illustrations by Julien Posture. Photography by George Underwood, Skye Parrott, Autumn Jordan, and Sara Berks.