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Wall Hangings for Pops of Color

By Chrissy Lifton

Break up white walls and enliven your space!
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Wall Hangings for Pops of Color

If your monochromatic space or white apartment walls could use some life, wall hangings might just be the quickest and easiest option to transform your space into a warmer, more vibrant home. See our collection of handwoven rugs and suggestions below.

Warm tones

Our Rain colorway, featured in our Pathways and Element Rugs, adds a warm, illuminated feel to your space—like golden hour all the time. Or, try our Agnes Rug in Rust for a warm, slightly rustic feel.

Neutral but cozier

If you’d like to keep things more neutral but still want to break up the white in your space, more muted rugs like SpacesAgnes, and Norma subtly add warmth and depth to your space with their delicate designs and wool fibers.

Statement rug

If you’re looking for a focal point for your space, the Dream RugVessels, and Pathways rugs all are great options for attracting and centering the eye. For bolder designs and hues, look to these styles.

Serene greens and blues

Bring a cooler-toned, tranquil feel to your space our Moss colorway’s soothing, earthy tones—like bringing the outside in.

Lastly, for easy hanging, our Walnut and Maple Rug Hangers are perfect!

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