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Rituals for Rest — Antidotes to urgency

By Chrissy Lifton

Journal | Rest

Rituals for Rest — Antidotes to urgency

“The time is very urgent - we must slow down”

-Bayo Akomolafe

In the noise of new beginnings and taking action this time of year, let’s remember that (in the northern hemisphere) it’s the darkest, coldest, quietest part of the year. Following the lead from the natural world, now’s in fact the time to be moving slowly, dreaming, incubating seeds for what might germinate in the spring. It’s arguably the best time to be not-doing, especially after the holidays which we all know can take a toll.

Below are some of our favorite things that help us to make the most of down-time and inspire us to carve it out when we can. You don’t need a special anything to rest. But marking the intention, creating space for it, inspires us to carve out down time when we can.


One of our favorite ways to help pivot towards slowness and embrace the winter. Turning off lights in the evening and lighting candles instead is such a gentle way descend towards sleep and get us through the long nights. The same holds true for lighting candles as we move from rest to action in the morning, especially if it’s still dark out; it brings some of winter’s stillness into our homes. We adore Greentree and Níle’s candles that come in unique shades and shapes.

Magnesium from Wooden Spoon Herbs

It’s blue, it tastes like lemonade, it can help you wind down. A fun ritual before bed or any time you want to help promote a sense of calm.


Another way to quickly shift the atmosphere in your space; burning incense at the end of the day can serve as a helpful way to mark the transition from activity to restfulness and foster a sense of well-being. We love MAAPS incense, made with essential oils and natural resins.