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MINNA's Guide to Rug Sizing

By Halee Hastad

At MINNA, we have a passion for rugs and firmly believe in investing in high-quality, handwoven pieces. Rugs act as anchors in a space and carry heavy decorative influence. Rugs contribute both visually and functionally, making them indispensable elements in the art of interior design. By introducing a well-chosen rug, you can transform a room.
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MINNA's Guide to Rug Sizing

Rugs are enduring pieces that become integral to your home. They aren't just an investment – they're a commitment. We see people in our shop every week who are unsure what size rug to get for a particular room or use, and we get it - it’s a tough decision and some math is usually involved. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and done some calculating for you, creating this rug guide to help you make the best, most informed rug choice for your home.

In the Living Room

We love a big, beautiful rug in the living space. They serve as an anchor to bring the furniture in a room together, while also providing a great deal of function and style. We recommend you purchase a rug that is the entire length of your sofa will fit over top of, with the two front legs of any additional piece of furniture being on top of the rug as well. We also recommend a rug size that leaves at least a foot of space between the edge of the rug and the walls nearest to it. Some of our most popular living room rugs include the Lines and Agnes styles. Bold, and still minimal, the Lines Rug is grounding in an easy color match in a variety of spaces. Agnes features a tried and true timeless design that brings a quality of richness into any room. Plus, they’re both total stunners in bigger 9’x12” or 10’x14” scales.

Quick Tips:
  • Leave at least a foot of space between the edge of the rug and the wall.
  • Position the two front legs of your furniture on the rug.
  • Go for a rug that is at least three feet wider than your couch.

Rugs for the Living Room

In the Bedroom

A bedroom rug is one for comfort and style. The size of your bed is going to be the most defining factor when selecting a rug for the bedroom. We recommend a rug that fits under the bed with a 2’ edge of rug showing around the sides and foot of the bed. Hoping for something a bit more minimal? A 2’x3’ or 2’6’ runner on either side of the bed is always a great alternative. Our flat weave rugs are lovely for the bedroom, but we recommend going for one of our pile rugs such as the Mosaic, Lines,or Vessels. Nothing beats a soft, plush landing pad for your feet when stepping out of bed.

  • Go for a rug that is wider than the bed.
  • Position at least the two front legs of the bed on top of the rug. 
  • Consider a rug to hang as an alternative to a headboard!

In the Kitchen

Rugs should be functional in any space, but need to be especially useful in the kitchen where they will inevitably see a lot of foot traffic. We recommend a runner in front of a long stretch of countertop, or under stools at a kitchen island.

Our customers love a simple 2x3 size to protect the floor below high traffic areas like the sink or oven. Our wool rugs hold up in spaces where they get a lot of use because wool is naturally very durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. We’ve created this spot cleaning guide to help you maintain your rug for years to come. The Spaces Rug is a kitchen favorite, as it’s simple in design and comes in three colorways (Stone, Indigo, and Lilac) that are an easy match in any setting

  • Kitchen rugs should be in areas where you spend a lot of time standing - think sink and oven. 
  • Use a rug mat to keep your rug in place.
  • Unscented, undyed hair shampoos are great cleaning options for a stubborn stain.

Runners for the Kitchen

In the Dining Room

Rugs in the dining room do so much more than catch crumbs during a dinner party. They’re dimensional, adding warmth and cohesion to your dining space. We recommend choosing a rug that extends at least 2’ around the edges of your table so that the front legs of your chair are still resting on the rug when pulled out. Most dining rugs will be at least 6’ wide and are often more than 8’ long. Some of our favorites for the dining space include the Element and Pathways collections. Element offers grounded, balancing rectangles for a simple, easy to match look. Pathways is quite a bit more playful, and we love how this style adds so much shape to a space. 

Have a circle table? No problem. We offer custom, made to order rug size options! We can even create circular rugs. You can email us at help@minna-goods.com to request a quote on a custom size of any of our designs.

  • Go for a rug that allows at least two feet of extra space around the edges of your table.
  • Put a rug mat down so your rug won’t move around when chairs are pulled in and out.
  • If your table is extendable, select a rug that can accommodate the longest length.

In the Bathroom

A rug in the bathroom is necessary. Our 100% organic cotton Steps Mat are perfect in front of the sink, or on the floor next to your tub/shower. These feature a looped weave, making them extra soft, and come in a 21”x33” size that make them a good fit for bathrooms big and small. Our wool rugs are also a great option for the bathroom, as wool has naturally water repellent properties. We love the Norma Rug for a little splash of art on your bathroom floor!

  • A wool or cotton rug is optimal for a space such as the bathroom, where it will inevitably get wet from time to time. 
  • Place a rug in front of the sink and another to the side of the bathtub/shower. 
  • If you have a double sink, try a 2’x6’ runner or 3’x5’ to cover the entire space.  

Rugs for the Bathroom

For the Entryway

This is an important rug. Not only is it likely going to see the most foot traffic in your home, it also serves as a landing pad for shoes while doubling as the welcome introduction to your house. A 2’x3’ or 3’x5’ is likely to be a great fit here, depending on the size of your entryway, and a 2’x6’ or 2.5’x8’ will serve a hallway well. Any of our 100% wool rugs will hold up in these spaces, and going in for a darker color rug might be move when it comes to contact with footwear. The Spaces Rug in Indigo will stand the test of time, as will any of the Element or Pathways rugs in Charcoal.

  • You’ll definitely want a rug pad for hallway and entryway rugs.
  • Go for a rug that is large enough to cover the majority of these spaces, as they are often high traffic.

We know buying a rug isn’t always easy! It’s our hope that this guide will help you as you decide what size and type of rug is going to be the best fit for your space. Rugs are an investment and a commitment, but we believe the decorative benefits are well worth the measurements, color matching, and contemplation that goes into finding one that will accompany you at your home for years to come. 

Need support in finding the perfect rug? Please reach out to our help team and they can help you find a rug that you'll enjoy for years to come.

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