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#MINNAatHome with Sofia Xanthakou and Andreas Melas

By Andiyah Patrick

When we were contacted by Andreas and Sofia of Papyrella in Mykonos, it was almost too good to be true - so of course, we had to set aside some time to talk home, design, and sustainable living. Keep reading for the full story, and make sure to bookmark for your next getaway!
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#MINNAatHome with Sofia Xanthakou and Andreas Melas

Tell us about you

Andreas is an art dealer and gallerist while Sofia is an architect and urban designer. They value functional design and economy in architecture and are fascinated by the organization of cities, observe their flaws, cultural differences and aesthetic. They also love a good garden.

How would you describe your home and approach to making it feel like home?

Simple and on point. For this house we respected local vernacular architecture with a twist.

What are three words that describe your aesthetic?

Prudence, adaptability, meticulousness.

Pantelhó Pillow - Cerulean + Sage-overlay-image
Pantelhó Pillow Cerulean + Sage

Made in Mexico

Cerulean & Sage

At MINNA we believe in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good - how do these concepts relate to or inspire your work?

At Papyrella, we promote a more sustainable living, one that respects the aesthetic of the island, and Cycladic culture at large, respects the shortage of water, and promotes a less wasteful living, in a resource exhausted island like Mykonos...  By supporting businesses that promote ethically made products we hope to contribute to a more sustainable production that does not eradicate local tradition and craftsmanship over mass production.

What is a favorite memory of yours in your home?

Andreas spent months every summer there as a child. Favourite memory would be preparing breakfast for the rest of the family and gardening, both with his father.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Stay humble.

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