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Designers We Love: AHG Interiors

By The MINNA Team

MINNA welcomes interior designer Stefania Skrabak of AHG Interiors as she gives her perspective on recent projects, and shows how she uses MINNA to create that lived-in feeling. Photo: Nick Glimenakis
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Designers We Love: AHG Interiors
Anni Lumbar Pillow - Cedar-overlay-image
Anni Lumbar Pillow Cedar

Made in Bolivia


How would you describe your design process?

My first step is always to listen to the client and hear their story. I always remind my homeowners that I close the door and their home has to represent them, how they live and want to live. After that, I do a walkthrough and start with floor plans, then move to designing. When designing, I always try to offer something new, whether it comes to a design approach or the movement in a room. I always ask myself what is next. How can I think about this home in a way that hasn't been done before? What can I offer, and how would I want to live there if it was my home? I treat all my client's homes as my homes. Why I love residential design, it becomes personal, and I love being connected to my homeowners and getting to know them.

Julie Pillow - Terracotta-overlay-image
Julie Pillow Terracotta

Made in Peru


At MINNA we believe in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good - how do these concepts relate to or inspire your process?

I mirror that in our philosophy at AHG. Sustainability is at the forefront of our design process. We have swayed away from quick fashion furniture and disposable trends. We try to purchase vintage, ethnically made, and locally sourced. As you know, I regularly stop by your office to pick up our pillows and save on our carbon footprint and packaging!

What about the spaces you design make it feel like home?

The repeating compliment I got is that from looking at all potential designer portfolios, I have the most livable homes in my portfolio, and almost always, their favorites are my own homes!

I try to design homes that look lived in, have a story, and that you can put your feet up. Maybe that's why?

Agnes Pillow-overlay-image
Agnes Pillow

Made in Bolivia


What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? 

If it doesn't work out it doesn't mean that it won't, it just means you have to take a different path.

Patchwork Lumbar Pillow - Sky-overlay-image
Patchwork Lumbar Pillow Sky

Made in Peru


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