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Designers We Love: Chango & Co

By Eimy Figueroa

Susana Simonpietri, the Creative Director of Chango & Co, brings a unique blend of personalization and expertise to her role in this Brooklyn-based interior design studio. With her strong educational background in interior design, including a master's degree from the Pratt Institute, Susana and her team at Chango & Co have built a reputation for creating light-filled and textured spaces inspired by the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. Their design process is client-centric, ensuring each home is a true reflection of the people who live there. By getting to know their clients on a deep level, Chango & Co crafts spaces that truly feel like home. We love seeing how they incorporate MINNA into the spaces they design! 

Interior Photos by Christian Torres / Portrait of Susana Simonpieri by Read McKendree. 

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Designers We Love: Chango & Co

What’s your name & what are your pronouns? Tell us about yourself and your role at Chango & Co. 

Name: Susana Simonpieri • Pronouns: She/Her

About Susana: Susana Simonpietri is the Creative Director of Brooklyn-based interior design studio Chango & Co. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Susana moved to Europe to complete her studies abroad in England and Paris, and later received her master’s degree in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from the Pratt Institute. Throughout her career, she gained experience working alongside designers including Benjamin Noriega, Ilan Waisbrod and Mark Zeff. In 2009, she launched Chango & Co., the name inspired by the feisty grackle birds and unofficial mascot of her home island. Drawing influence from the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico, Susana has always gravitated toward light-filled and textured spaces, reflected in her own home and in the homes of her clients. Susana has been a longtime resident of New York City, and the studio’s easygoing designs have easily translated to projects in urban areas. Chango & Co. specializes in residential design and is currently working on multiple projects on both the East and West Coasts along with one international project underway in The Bahamas.

Angle Pillow - Terracotta-overlay-image
Angle Pillow Terracotta

Made in Peru


How would you describe your design process?

SUSANA: We are very client-centric and we design homes that are a mirror of the people that are going to live there. We tailor the experience to each client by really getting to know them. As a result, the homes really end up feeling like our clients when they're complete.

We also approach design in a very scientific and mathematical way. I have a master's degree in my field, and built a strong background in design before starting my firm. All of our designers also have degrees and we look at what we’re doing in a very professional way that takes the guesswork out of what we do. Our clients know when they’re working with us, they’re getting a professional firm that doesn’t need to do much trial and error to find the best result for them.

At MINNA we believe in creating beautiful, ethically made products and using business to do good - how do these concepts relate to or inspire your process

SUSANA: We always try to work with materials and companies that are as sustainable as possible. In interior design, it’s not as easy but we use as many green products as we can and continue to explore new innovations as they come.

What about the spaces you design makes it feel like home?

SUSANA: Our spaces are very down to earth, they are not ostentatious. They are very tailored to each person, so it always feels like our client's own home because it's been created around their needs, desires and personality.

What are some of your favorite items that can instantly elevate the design of a space?

SUSANA: Accessories are very important. I usually start with art - it doesn’t matter how you live if you have art that feels impactful to you and has been thought through really well. It can make any space fantastic.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

SUSANA: To treat myself as nicely as I treat others.

Learn more about Chango & Co by visiting their Website, Instagram and Pinterest. 

Website: https://www.chango.com/

Instagram: @changoandco

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/changoportfolio/

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