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Mend with MINNA - How to Fix a Snag

By Eimy Figueroa

Our intention is that when you purchase from us, you’re purchasing pieces that, when cared for, can remain in your life for a very long time.

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Mend with MINNA - How to Fix a Snag

As an antidote to the “newness” we see this time of year, we’re thinking about how to refresh our space by caring for the things we already have and love.

Today we have our Product Manager, Sam, showing us how to fix a snag on handwoven MINNA textiles!

If you've been using your MINNA handwoven Throws or Blankets for a long while, you've most likely have seen a thread or two unravel. This is normal for natural fabrics and it's easy to fix! In the first of this series, Sam shows us 3 ways to fix a snag in your MINNA textiles. All you’ll need to start is the following:

  • snips or scissors
  • yarn size needle

Fix a snag by threading

If you have a long strand that cannot be clipped, you can attempt to weave it back in. 

Step 1: Use a yarn size needle and go in and out into the threads where the long strand came out of. 

Step 2: Pass the loose thread through the eye of the needle and give it a pull.

Step 3: Make sure to give it a tug at the end and it should match up nicely!  

Fix a snag by snipping

If you have a loose thread that is tightly woven into the fabric, it's an even easier fix!

Step 1: Grab your snips or shears and snip the thread right at the base. 

Step 2: Give it a little tug and it's gone! 

Fix a snag by pulling

You know the one. A pet's nail or your own nail has made the fabric bunch up. But, nothing a quick pull can't fix!

Step 1: Grab the opposite ends of the fabric where the snag is located at. 

Step 2: Gently pull. You'll see the thread slowly settling back into place. 

Step 3: Relax! Your Throw or Blanket is now back to looking like new. 

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