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Where We Stand: Black Lives Matter

By Sara Berks

Journal | Values

Where We Stand: Black Lives Matter

To our community, friends, families, and followers —

As our team in Hudson is primarily made up of white folks, we believe it is our responsibility to learn the difference between 'not being a racist' and being anti-racist. It is our responsibility to have the hard, uncomfortable conversations within our own white communities. It is our responsibility to use our privilege to call out acts of violence and hate against black and brown communities. And it is our responsibility to seek out and share anti-racist resources with our white friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors. The murder of George Floyd was not an isolated incident, and it is our responsibility to demand justice.

Now more than ever, social media platforms are playing an integral role in spreading resources, news, and safety information. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep these platforms clear for the information that needs to be spread, and the voices that need to be heard. We posted a black square earlier today and we later learned that we could have shown solidarity in a different way. It is our job to listen, to learn, and to make changes moving forward. For the time being, we will be refraining from posting on Instagram, and our stories will be reserved for sharing direct donation links and resources, as well as supporting and amplifying Black voices. We believe that as white folks it is our duty to listen, learn, and to show up in an impactful way.

We are committed to being honest and transparent with all of you, so we also wanted to update you on the promises we’ve made. Yesterday we told you that we’d match donations until we reached $5000 and donate 15% of our weekend sales. We decided to donate 100% of our weekend sales on top of the $5000 in donation matching. We have officially reached our capacity: we donated a total of $6904 (including fees) to over 20 different organizations.

This is only a start and isn't enough. We ask you to join us in looking inward, asking hard questions, re-distributing resources, acknowledging our implicit biases, and doing better.

Sara, Margaret, Lucille, and Sam

Places we've donated and encourage you to donate to: