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Where We Stand: Updates and Resources

By Sara Berks

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Where We Stand: Updates and Resources

We wanted to reiterate that MINNA stands in solidarity with the Black community and unequivocally against the police violence and brutality that is rampant in this nation. We advocate for defunding the police. We stand with protesters calling for the dismantling of structurally racist systems and the rebuilding of newer, better means of taking care of each other in the future. We want to be a part of this future.

We do not have the answers. We are focused on being receptive of criticism and corrections. We are committed to educating ourselves and our communities. We are committed to holding ourselves and those around us accountable.

We acknowledge that we are a part of and have benefited from the system of white supremacy and structural injustice. We have made mistakes; we have felt shame; we have been defensive. We commit to pushing through these uncomfortable feelings to do better. We commit to doing the work every day; to improving hiring practices; to examining who we pay for what labor; to assessing whose goods we stock on our shelves; to having harder conversations with our team and with ourselves.

We want to emphasize that this work is long term and that we need to put in place systems to hold ourselves accountable, not just in this moment but for the remainder of our existence as a business and as individuals. This is not a time to be thoughtlessly reactive and performative. This is a time to really listen to what Black communities are saying, to internalize their words, to understand and process, to grapple with guilt, and keep fighting through.

At this time, we want to focus on amplifying voices that are not our own. We feel strongly that right now social media platforms are first and foremost a center for information and communication, which is why we will continue to share resources but will refrain from sharing brand-related content there. Any product-related updates will live solely on our website and in our newsletter. Our journal will have more long-form thoughts about the work we’re doing internally, and the work that needs to continue. We believe in sharing these steps as a tool of accountability.

Below are some resources and tools that we have found helpful in starting conversations about racism with our friends, families, colleagues, communities, and ourselves. We urge you to continue your own education, and to dedicate yourself to Anti-Racist work, now and forever.


This is a small list of books we’ve found particularly useful in STARTING these conversations


Make sure to credit and link appropriately when posting, and if you found these resources helpful, Venmo their creators!

Online Reading / Podcasts / Additional Resources