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May 20, 2022 Tips

Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding season has officially arrived, and we’re getting ready to attend all of those that were postponed over the past two years. In fact, it's estimated that 2022 will have more wedding celebrations than any year since 1984! We’re looking forward to the overdue celebrations and connection with friends and family.

We’re also thinking about how we can honor other relationships in our lives. By no means is marriage the only signifier of a very important relationship, nor are romantic relationships the most important kind of connection. In addition to weddings, we’d like to suggest these gifts for couples reaching other important milestones like moving in together, an anniversary, or for friends moving in together; friendships also deserve our celebration!

For the Self-Care Dynamic Duo:

Mix + match Everyday Robes

We all have those friends who are experts when it comes to self-care. They love to relax, put on a face mask, and hop in the bath. We’re recommending our favorite Everyday Robe for them. They’re 100% cotton and have an adjustable sash, making them the perfect robe to slip on after a relaxing bath. Our Everyday Robe is comfortable and stylish, so don’t be surprised if you spot your friends rocking their robe as a lightweight duster outside of the house.

The Foodie/Cooking Couple:

Mix + match Aprons

Show Stopper: The Utility ApronCrowd Pleaser: The Grid Apron

Cooking in the kitchen can be stressful, but sometimes the right outfit and the right person make all the difference! Both of our apron styles are 100% cotton and can be thrown right in the wash so keeping them clean while cooking is a breeze.

For the couple with a bright and colorful home, our Utility Aprons make a great addition. With two large pockets and an open back, this apron is lightweight and breathable, perfect for maneuvering around kitchens of any size.

Our Grid Aprons come in 5 color options ranging from neutral cream to sunny gold. This style features a pocket + two tool loops as well as an adjustable tie around the neck and waist which makes them versatile for any size.

The Hosts with the Most:

Tabletop textiles

Show Stopper: The Sol RunnerCrowd Pleaser: The Ridges Runner

We love our friends who love to cook, especially when they invite us over for dinner! To thank them for all the dinner parties, and entice them to host some more, we think some new tabletop textiles are a perfect gift.

For the couple who love a pop of color in their home, we’d pick our Sol Runner - Cobalt with Panalito Placemats - Indigo + Gold. The bright colors complement each other and our Panalito Placemats are reversible so they can flip them when they’re looking to refresh their tabletop.

If you want to play it safe with a couple whose style you’re unsure of, we love the neutral, monochromatic feel our Ridges Runner - Mallard gives when paired with our Grid Napkins - Cream. This runner offers lots of texture to the tabletop while still providing a neutral color palette.

The Active Couple

Mix + match beach towels

For the couple who are always down for an impromptu beach trip, our beach towels are a great, lightweight option to always have on hand for a quick dip in the water. Our four brightly colored styles are sure to stand out in the crowd. They also make a great shawl for a chilly beach night or a cover-up to shield sensitive skin from the sun.

The Outdoorsy Duo

A picnic blanket (lightweight cotton throw)

For our friends who are always on an outdoor adventure, our lightweight cotton throw looks just as good inside on the couch as it does outside in the grass. They’re also 100% cotton and can be thrown right in the wash making clean-up quick and easy.

The Cuddly Couple

Louise + Abstract Throws

Show Stopper: The Abstract ThrowCrowd Pleaser: The Louise Throw

For the inseparable duo, gift one of our super cozy blankets. We love the Louise Throw - Oat because its neutral color palette is perfect for every home. If your friends have a more whimsical home, our Abstract Throw is the perfect accent throw for their space. Not only does it feature a unique design, but it’s made with a merino wool, viscose, and linen blend that makes it ultra-cozy. Both options are perfect for cuddling up on the couch to enjoy each other’s company.