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April 11, 2022 Values

The Future of MINNA

We have some exciting news to share: As of today, we are accepting reservations for a public funding campaign on Republic. This allows you, our MINNA community, the opportunity to reserve an investment in the future of MINNA prior to the official campaign launch.

Through this process, we are excited for you to directly participate in building MINNA, a business that strives to do good. Reservations for investment start at $100. Learn more here.

Blue striped fabric with hands weaving cotton.

Why Are We Fundraising?

Our vision remains the same as it was day one: to use business to do good and design to create a positive impact. From our beginning back in 2013 (working with our first three artisan partners) to today (where we work with well over 400 artisans across five countries, producing over 500 products), we’ve worked to create a business that is grounded in our values.

Our Republic campaign will be our first round of funding. Up until now, we’ve bootstrapped it, reinvesting the majority of profits back into the business. And along the way, we’ve learned and iterated, growing person by person, product by product. Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, we’re ready to grow.

We will use this funding to grow our artisan partnerships, meaning new products and broader impact. We’ll be able to go deeper into new craft techniques and sustainable material sourcing. We’ll hire and grow our team, so we can create and flourish together. We’ll lay the groundwork for more stores, so you can hopefully shop MINNA IRL in more places!

We will continue to build a business that prioritizes people and planet, a business that works just as well for us and our artisan partners, as for you, our customers and supporters.

Why Republic?

Republic is a crowd equity investing platform, which is a pretty new and radical concept. We chose to partner with Republic because we respect their approach to democratizing the investment world by opening up investment opportunities to those with any wealth or experience level. This fairly untraditional and grassroots approach to fundraising feels kindred to us.

As we plan for the future of MINNA, we couldn’t think of a better way of building an equitable and inclusive business than letting you, our already loyal customers and community, in on an opportunity to grow with us.

Why Reserve an Investment in MINNA?

As part of the MINNA community, you already know that your home can be both beautiful and a reflection of your values. You appreciate thoughtful, transparent manufacturing and quality materials, in addition to beautiful, well-designed things. Shopping at MINNA is a choice. And when you choose to shop with us, you are spending your dollars with a company that is rooted in our values: human, intentional, and honest. By showing your interest through a reserve in MINNA, you are amplifying these values for an even greater impact.

In addition to helping build a future of responsible retail, once the campaign officially opens, and you confirm your investment, you’ll be eligible for perks – including the chance to win some covetable MINNA products, special discounts, and limited edition art. Learn more.

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How Can You Participate?

SHARE: Tell your friends. Email your network. Post to your social media.
ASK: Want to learn more? Ask questions here.
ENCOURAGE: Thoughts? High fives? Send them our way!
SHOP: Every purchase also helps!

What Does It Mean to “Reserve an Investment”?

Reserving an investment is a non-binding way to show your interest and secure your chance to invest when the funding campaign officially opens. You’ll also get early access to the MINNA team through Republic’s portal. There you can correspond directly with the leadership team and participate in a formative phase of our community of MINNA supporters. And let’s be honest, it is a huge help to us. It not only builds momentum and excitement for our campaign, but also allows us to realistically estimate how much capital we might raise. With that information, we can refine our plans so that when the campaign begins, we can start building the future of MINNA as soon as possible.

The process is straightforward, quick, and non-binding. And when the campaign goes live, it will make investing even easier. Learn more here.

Reserve Your Investment Now


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