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May 27, 2022 Tips

A Guide to Summer Hosting

One of our favorite parts of summer is the long summer weekend: the outdoor meals, brunches at home, and visits from friends. Hosting can be stressful, so we’re here to help out! Below are some ideas for quick updates to guest rooms and other spaces that will help your guests feel welcome and cared for.

Prep the Guest Room

Whether the guest room is a dedicated bedroom or the living room or home office converted with an air mattress or pull out couch, cute bedding is sure to make your visitors feel right at home. New pillowcases can work wonders to freshen up your guest linens, and our pillowcases mix and match well with not only each other, but also your existing collection.

Grid Bedding paired with the Marta Throw in BlueTexture Bedding featuring an Anni Lumbar Pillow in Cedar and a Skagerak Tray

Temperature is one of the most important factors to a good night sleep when you aren’t in your own home, so we also recommend lots of layers to keep your guests comfortable throughout the night. Cool sleepers will undoubtedly appreciate having an extra throw nearby, and our cotton throws are perfect for summer nights — breathable but weighty enough to combat a chilly breeze or AC draft.

Finally, it's always nice to have essentials in reach when you wake up in a new place. We like to put a water carafe, cup, and a coaster by the bedside. A fun dish or tray like the Skagerak Nomad Tray makes a great catchall for jewelry, keys, and wallets.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom

As a guest, nothing feels more welcoming than a set of fresh bath linens, placed on the bed or bathroom counter. The Everyday Towel Essentials Set has everything they’ll need for the weekend with a full-sized bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth included. If your plans also include a trip to your local swim spot, our Fruit Towels, as we affectionately call them, transition perfectly from the shower to the beach or pool!

The Grapefruit TowelThe Everyday Bath Collection

We've all forgotten our face wash or had a travel shampoo spill in our bag. If your guests find themselves having one of those trips, you can save the day with some extra toothbrushes and toiletry basics. We love a sensitive skin-friendly, multi-purpose product like Everyday Oil that can work as a cleanser or moisturizer. If you need to restock your shower staples, your visitors are sure to enjoy sampling Sisters Body’s body wash, shampoo, and conditioner as much as you’ll enjoy them for the weeks to come.

Keep Meals Easy

Unless cooking together is an activity you and your guests enjoy doing together, we recommend keeping meals simple and flexible. A charcuterie-style dinner is always a hit: easy to customize to accommodate dietary restrictions, quick to prepare, and doesn’t require any heat! Fishwife’s Smoked Rainbow Trout is one of our charcuterie go-tos, and we’ve even got founder Becca Millstein’s recommended pairings right over here.

Peach Stripe Napkin, Ridges Placemat Heron, and a Ridges Runner Robin complete with East Fork Mug and Myrth BowlThe Stacks Tablecloth Horizon, used here as a picnic blanket, with Indigo Grid Napkins, a Lines Basket, and a Skagerak Tray

The ideal summer meal can be easily packed up for a picnic in the backyard or your favorite park for watching the sunset. Our tablecloths are perfect for outdoor dining (weather allowing) or can elevate an easy indoor meal. Even takeout can feel special when served up on a set table!

And, for an easy and universally-likable brunch recipe, check out The Minimalist Baker’s recipe for quick vegan, gluten-free waffles!

Plan Independent Chill Time

Finally, as you soak up some quality time (and hopefully some sun!), don’t feel pressured to plan activities for the entirety of your time hosting. Sometimes the most enjoyable visits include some pockets of rest — in fact, if your party includes introverts, it almost certainly does!

If you and your guests are looking for some unplugged chill time, coffee table books are ideal for light, enjoyable reading. Our MINNA librarian and Retail Manager, Cate, has curated an excellent selection of options and written about some of her personal favorites here.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of screen time either, and while these days it’s easy enough to airdrop your WiFi password to a visitor, if you need to step out for errands or want to provide a more hotel-like experience, Almost Makes Perfect’s printable password card is both handy and aesthetically pleasing.