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September 13, 2021 Tips

Pillow Buying Guide

Hey there, Cate + Autumn here from MINNA’s shop team, and self-proclaimed “pillow people”. One of our favorite experiences to share with customers in the shop is exploring our wall of  pillows. We’re always curious to hear which styles customers are most excited to curl up with and which designs catch their eye from the moment they enter the shop. We know that shopping for pillows online can be especially challenging because you’re missing out on the tactile experience, so we’re hoping to bridge that gap + recreate the shop experience for you here on the journal.

If you have any questions about pillows or need advice in choosing the perfect pillow or pillow pairing, you can send us a note at and we’d be happy to walk you through the best options for your home.

Let’s Start With Statement Pillows

Sometimes we just need that one pillow to really pull a room together. When working with multiple colors in a space, it’s hard to make it all look cohesive. We love the idea of taking one of our more colorful pillows (Cartographer, we’re looking at you) and slowly adding pops of color inspired by that one piece. With bits of gold, peach, indigo, and cream, this pillow will help you start the journey of bringing more color into your space.

If you’re looking for a statement pillow that’s a little less bold, we also love Shadow - Cream + Indigo. These two can easily enter a space while remaining eye-catching. If you’re nervous about bringing color and texture into your room, this is a great place to start.

The main reason we love a statement pillow is because it means just buying one pillow. We want to make the case that sometimes, that’s all you need. Already have a pillow at home you’re looking to spruce up? Apply our NOINSERT discount at checkout to receive just the pillow cover. You’ll receive $15 off your pillow and can reuse an insert you already have.

Cartographer Pillow OriginalShadow Pillow Indigo

Playing With Size + Scale

Throughout the shop, you’ll see pillows styled on the bed, the Sun at Six chairs, our sofa + even on the floor! One of our favorite tricks for making the most of any space is to play with the size + scale of the pillows we are styling.

Our new Pantelho Pillows are our largest pillows to date at 30” x 30.” We love these pillows as much on the floor as on the bed or a deep-set sofa. If your furniture pieces are more petite, our Recycled Stripe Pillows are available in a 24” x 24” size. 

We also recently introduced a Dog Bed to the mix, while we currently show these pillows styled with pups, these would also make a great addition to your living room or a child’s playroom, with its large scale, bright colors, and recycled polyfill insert. 

Pantelho PillowPepper Dog Bed

When More is More

Maximalism is something that we don’t shy away from here at MINNA. We believe that sometimes more is more, and there’s no better way to apply this notion than to the pillows you pile on your bed or sofa. 

One of our favorite pillows for repeating throughout a space is our Sheila Pillow. Named after textile artist Sheila Hicks and made of merino wool, this pillow has a beautiful texture inspired by the ruins of Huaca Pucllana in Peru and comes in four soft, neutral shades and two shapes. Repeat one color throughout your space or mix and match styles for a cohesive palette.

If you’re not shy about exploring color + geometrics, our Puzzle Pillows pair well with our Recycled Stripe collection. Pair one Barragan with one Recycled Stripe for a graphic statement that’s easy to care for, too! (Both of these pillows can be machine washed cold + line dried). 

Puzzle Lumbar Pillow LemonSheila Pillows in Wheat and Salmon

It’s All About the Texture + Feel

Something that’s always challenging about online shopping is that you don’t get to feel the products before you purchase them. We’re here to guide you through the softest pillows MINNA has to offer!

It’s no surprise that our Moon Shag pillows catch the eye of every customer in our shop. A pillow this cozy is practically begging to be snuggled. They’re knit with a blend of merino wool and silk which makes them feel like the perfect cloud to rest on. A great cotton option that mimics Sheila is our Angle Pillow. The same technique is used but with handspun, naturally dyed, organic cotton producing an equally cozy option.

Our Agnes and Anni pillows are neutral enough to match almost any home style and so cozy you’ll want them in every room. These pillows are made with alpaca wool which is hypoallergenic. If you’re sensitive to wool, we recommend these styles. 

Moon Shag Pillow in Moss, Cream, and CedarAgnes Pillow