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March 31, 2021 Values

Launching Slow

We're doing things a bit differently these days: Launching slow with the extra assurance that all of our pieces are exactly what we (and you!) want them to be.

At MINNA we like to think of home as both an expression of—and place to build—one's values. Each of our pieces is thoughtfully designed as a building block.

In the past, meeting deadlines, abiding by industry timelines, and the bending to the pressure of launching full, multi-piece collections often required sacrificing important pieces of a considered process. The fast-paced nature of our industry has left consumers and retailers desiring quick fixes over sustainable solutions. We weren't really into that.

We believe that contemporary design should not sacrifice social responsibility. As a part of embracing our goal to be more like the business we want to see in our industry, we are reclaiming our autonomy by launching slow. We have, for the most part, shifted away from a wholesale calendar. There will be no more spring/summer or fall/winter large launches. Instead, we’ll be launching pieces as they're ready with the extra assurance that they are exactly what we (and you!) would like them to be. Thoughtfully designed, ethically made, and easily mixed and matched into your home.