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January 26, 2023 Mend with MINNA

Mend with MINNA - How to care for your Dining Textiles

Sam, our Product Manager, goes through all the best tips and tricks to keep your dining textiles in tip top shape.

Part of the fun of hosting is creating your own tablescape. For this reason, our handwoven fabrics are made to be mixed-and-matched depending on your design sensitivity, mood, and (or) the season. You can choose between our placemats, runners, tablecloths and even coasters to fit the aesthetic you’d like to achieve. As you use them, they will start to show the stories of past festivities, giving it some lived-in charm! But, if you’d like to keep your favorite MINNA dining textiles like new and extend their longevity, we are here to help!

How to wash your MINNA textiles:

First thing to note is that the majority of our dining textiles are 100% cotton. This means you can wash them just like any other cotton good. 

  1. Machine wash your textiles on cold.
  2. Tumble dry on low or hang dry.
  3. If they come out of the dryer a little wrinkly, no problem! Just give it an iron or a steam and you should be good to go!

Some pieces from our dining collection, like our Panalito and Ridges collections, requite some tender loving care in different ways. If you have any of these in your home we suggest spot cleaning only.

How to take care of our Panalito and Ridges Collections:

If you had a bunch of people over for a dinner party and really need to give your piece a full wash. We suggest the following:

  1. Hand wash the items in cold water with a small amount of detergent. 
  2. Do not wring!
  3. Once you're done with the washing, stretch lengthwise to release any wrinkles.
  4. Then, hang to dry.

Remember, for these pieces spot cleaning is your friend. If it is ever fully submerged in water or passed through the washer, it might look a little different once dried.

If you’d like to see the video with all these tips and tricks, pop on over to our Instagram and checkout our stories throughout the day. If you’re reading this and the story expired, don’t worry! Ask to be a part of our Close Friends and you’ll be able to come back to it via our private pinned story, ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MINNA’S CLOSE FRIENDS. 🙌