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September 24, 2020 Meet the team

Meet The Team - Fiona Wood

As MINNA's administrative assistant, Fiona helps out with everything from shipping, to wholesale, to warehouse tasks. Even in this new virtual world of zoom meetings and conference calls, we still look forward to seeing her ever changing hair color every week.

Fiona Wood

Where are you from?
I grew up in the Hudson Valley

What do you do at MINNA?
I am an administrative assistant. I assist with Wholesale, Drop Ship and Production Orders.

How did you get started with MINNA? 
I started at MINNA roughly 6 months ago. I had been working for 3 years as a freelance Illustrator/Production Designer. I chose to apply for a part time job at MINNA with the hope that I could learn some of the skills of running a business that I lacked. I was very drawn the ethics and message that MINNA represented.

What does working ethically mean to you?
Working ethically means a lot to me. I have a massive amount of respect for classical trade skills. It’s important to support and shine a light on the handmade crafts-people that are so often overlooked in our society of mass production. We must treat these people, and everyone in our society with respect and gratitude.

An unexpected day off looks like…
It varies on the season but if its warm I’ll usually take on a project I have to been putting off such as painting and reupholstering all my mismatching dining chairs.

Secret/hidden talents?
I’m very good at finding lost or misplaced things.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? The best piece of advice you give?
One of my favorite art teachers once told me, “Never stop being weird, and never stop pushing the envelope with your art.”
A piece of general advice I try to live by, is being aware of your own physical, mental, and emotional limitations. Take some time out of your day to focus on your mental health and regeneration. In order for you to be the best you, it’s important to practice self-care.