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December 09, 2021 Meet the team

Meet the Team - Chrissy Lifton

Chrissy Lifton

Where are you from?
I was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

What do you do at MINNA?
I’m a sales associate!

How did you get started with MINNA?
When I lived in NYC and elsewhere in the Hudson Valley, I’d visit Hudson from time to time and would make a point to stop by MINNA. When I saw they were hiring I was so excited, because I’ve long admired them for being a company that truly does their best to live their ethical code, and whose values align with my own.

What does working ethically mean to you?
Working ethically means knowing that the energy I expend through my work contributes to the world I want to live in. For me, that’s a world where everyone’s needs are met as much as possible, and everyone has the ability to actualize their most authentic expression. It also means living in a reciprocal relationship with the rest of nature.

An unexpected day off looks like…
Ideally a bath, a walk, cooking a nourishing meal, lots of reading/writing, and maybe a visit to a town or place in nature I’ve wanted to see.

Secret/hidden talents?
Memorizing poetry.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten? The best piece of advice you give?
Best piece of advice I’ve gotten: follow your curiosities, and permit yourself to have multi-dimensional, seemingly-contradictory interests. Best piece of advice I give: I often find myself suggesting to those closest to me to remember to be soft and gentle with themselves.