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June 24, 2021

Meet the Team - Charlie McGill

Name - Charlie
Pronouns - He/Him

Where are you from?

What do you do at MINNA?
I am omnipresent throughout the entire product process! In the simplest of terms the point of my role is to ensure our product is designed, developed and produced on time. This entails understanding the intricacies of how our products are ethically and sustainably produced and of course, how we can continue to improve!

How did you get started with MINNA? 
In an existential state of longing for more meaning in my work and a deeper connection to what I am doing daily, I searched the internet for something that felt aligned with my values. After finding this role, I proceeded to obsess over it and spill my heart out to Sara. As you can see, things worked out and I am incredibly thankful for this.


What does working ethically mean to you? 
After working in the fashion industry for 10+ years, it broke my heart countless times to see the working conditions and wages for so many workers. Working ethically to me means that no one in our supply chain is suffering for the sake of producing a product. To work ethically it is to connect with one another on a truly human level and see the importance of building and maintaining relationships.

An unexpected day off looks like…
Drinking too much coffee. a very long run in the woods! eating screamers vegan pizza with my wife Alexandra! scoops of vegan ice cream on the couch cozy with the wife and our pup pepper watching episodes of the office that we have seen 178 times already.


Secret/hidden talents?
I can really drive a BOBCAT around with ease.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten? The best piece of advice you give?