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December 10, 2020 MINNA Kitchen

Making Latkes with Sara

Each December, MINNA founder and creative director, Sara Berks, throws an epic latke party. It’s a night filled with marathon style cooking of 40 pounds of potatoes, long time friends meeting new ones, dancing to Robyn, and of course - a full house surrounding a table filled with crispy latkes and a bring-your-own-topping spread. While that clearly won’t be happening this year, we’re bringing you the 2020 version of Sara’s annual latke party with a quick recipe and a promise to continue finding new ways to come together.

Step one:

Wash and grate the potatoes and onions into two separate bowls - a food processor speeds this process up a lot! 

Step two:

Use a tea towel (or cheesecloth) to squeeze the liquid out of the potatoes. Let the liquid sit in the bowl until you can separate out a starchy paste. Add the starch back into the potatoes! Discard the liquid. Squeeze the liquid out of the onions next, discard that liquid, and add onions to the potatoes.

Step 3:

Crack two eggs into the potato and onion mixture, and mix with your hands. Add in the 1/4 cup of rice flour. I'm gluten free so I prefer rice flour, but Matzah meal or wheat flour works well too! Mix all the ingredients together.

Step 4:

Using a cast iron skillet, pour enough olive oil or schmaltz onto the pan to make a 1/4 in. layer. Let it get hot. Hand make the potato mixture into small balls. Flatten, and then fry! After about two minutes, flip!

Step 5:

Let the latkes drain on a drying rack. Eat them as they come out! Top each with sour cream and lox, and enjoy!