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August 05, 2021

How to Stuff Your Dog Bed at Home

Charlie here, MINNA's Production Manager. When Sara asked me to find a sustainable dog bed insert I quickly realized this was an almost impossible task. To be clear I was in search of a boxed pillow insert with recycled fill that could meet the measurements of literally no other dog bed in existence. Perfect, this is easy! As you know, we want our products to be produced in the best way possible and sometimes that is hard!

I had the wondrous opportunity to speak with a multitude of suppliers. We tried foam (too stiff), a traditional pillow form (too flat), and I stuffed almost every t-shirt of mine to fill one. Which, to be honest, is probably the most sustainable option! So, after weighing all the options, we decided to give you a choice: buy the dog bed stuffed with a recycled poly insert or DIY-it and stuff it yourself! 

We all have many items in our homes that are sitting around just waiting to put to use. It's often easy to forget the items we have tucked away in basement bins or hiding under layers in linen closets. The goal here is to use what we already have. We empower you to use what you have! :)

A brief how-to with some lo-fi images of my pup, Pepper, getting her new bed ready! 

Step 1

Gather all of the soft things in your home that you do not use, we all have tons of it! It can be tees, towels, sheets, blankies!

Step 2

Proceed to unzip the woven dog bed cover. With grace and confidence place these soft items into the cover. Personally, I think it works best if you somewhat stack the items inside the cover.

Step 3

Once the cover meets its filling capacity please fluff 'er up! Shake it wildly for you know the precious love of your life must find comfort in this bed.