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August 03, 2022 Tips

How to Refresh Your Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a full overhaul or making small tweaks throughout the year, kitchen textiles can keep our spaces feeling renewed. Fresh linens and colors add both life and utility to our kitchens. Below, our storefront manager and pro color-coordinator, Cate, takes us through mixing and matching colors and patterns, kitchen-friendly rug suggestions, and other ways to reinvigorate your kitchen that *might* just make you more eager to cook!

Fun + Practical Kitchen

Our Sol Oven Mitts + Potholders pair perfect with our Utility Apron because they’re made from the same fabric. We love the fun pop of color these kitchen essentials add to the home.

Utility Apron - Hibiscus by MINNA MINNA Textiles with Bold Colors and Patterns

Styled with one of our Red Clay pieces, we have our Utility Apron - Hibiscus and our Sol Oven Mitts in Honey + Hibiscus. Our oven mitts are equally fun and functional, protecting your hands and forearms while remaining flexible enough to swiftly grab the handle of a hot, cast iron skillet from the oven seamlessly. Both pieces are 100% cotton and get softer and even more pliable with each wash.

Bright + Colorful Kitchen

While we love how the Sol collection looks when it’s all paired together, they were designed to fit right in with our Grid collection as well. We love the combination of mix-and-match patterns in our Sol collection with the neutral design of our Grid collection.

Colorful Oven Mitts by MINNA Goods are ethically handwoven and feature bold woven patterns

Here we have our Sol + Grid collections styled with their most similar counterparts. Sol Oven Mitt - Honey’s warm tones complement the warm and sunny Grid Oven Mitt - Gold, Hibiscus’ peach tone is brought to life with Peach Grid, and the cool tones of Mint are perfectly matched by equally cool and neutral Sage Grid. For more of a statement, pair these collections with contrasting colors. Sol Hibiscus paired with Indigo Grid can make a bold color statement in a neutral kitchen.

Refresh Your Kitchen with Cookbooks for Reference and Display

It’s easy to fall into a food rut, but there’s nothing like a new cookbook to inspire you to get back in the kitchen. If you’re needing a little more motivation than that, think about all the fresh produce that’s in season–heirloom tomato season here we come!

Oven Mitts by MINNACookbooks Curated by MINNA

We love a cookbook that’s equally informative and beautiful so it becomes a reference as well as a display piece in the kitchen. Our current favorites from our collection include Mexico: the Cookbook, The Garden Chef, and Solo as seen here. Most of the cookbooks we carry feature bright, colorful covers that pair nicely with our Sol Oven Mitts.

Unexpected Color Combo

Here at MINNA, we love to mix and match patterns and colors. If you’re still on the fence about the mismatched look, a good rule of thumb is to find one similarity in the pieces you're mixing. Maybe both of your tea towels are striped but they’re different colors, or they have a similar color running through them but a different design. Finding one thing that connects your pieces helps an unexpected pairing become a match made in heaven.

Refresh and organize your small kitchen using textiles that add color and dimension to your space made by minna goods

Here we’ve paired our Sol Oven Mitt + Potholder in Honey with our Pear Tea Towel. The subtle warm tones of the Pear Tea Towel really shine when paired with the warm Honey Potholder + Oven Mitt.

Narrow Kitchen Friendly Rugs

Kitchens in small spaces can be tricky to style! While an island can be an ideal addition to the kitchen when it comes to prepping vegetables, it can create a really narrow space that makes rug shopping a nightmare. Lucky for you, we’ve got multiple rug sizes that make it possible to find the perfect one to fit in your space.

MINNA Rug Runners are perfect for narrow kitchens

Our Element Rug comes in two colorways and two different runner sizes. The 2x6 shown here is perfect for a small space between the kitchen island and cabinets. Just add a rug pad underneath so it stays in place while you’re hopping from chopping to sauteeing while making dinner. Our 2x6 rug runners also come in eight other styles, so there’s something for every space.

A Pop of Red

We love adding a touch of red to a kitchen for a nice pop of color. Red is a common color to find in restaurant decor because it speeds up the body’s blood flow–making you feel hungry.

Add a pop of red to your kitchen with handwoven ethically made textiles by MINNA Goods

Our beloved Agnes Rug - Rust adds a statement to any room it’s found in. This flat weave wool style is incredibly durable and surprisingly easy to keep clean. A light vacuum, lint roll for pet friendly homes, and flip from time-to-time keeps this rug looking great for years to come. A quick spot clean also works wonders for pesky stains. We also love that its bright color makes tomato sauce and red wine stains much less noticeable.

Keep the red theme going with our Blocks + Sol Tea Towels in Rust and our Sol Potholder + Oven Mitt in Hibiscus.