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February 05, 2023

How it’s made: the Angle Pillow

Ever wonder how our pillows go from an idea to the star of your couch? At each step in our production process, we thoughtfully account for each pair of hands that touches a MINNA product. Below, we outline that process step by step, using the example of our Angle Pillow.

Ideation + Co-creation

We start by sketching the design of the product in our NY studio, considering the final size, color. We collaborate with our artisan partners to finalize how the design translates to the chosen weaving technique through a hands-on sampling process. Each decision ensures we design with the least waste possible.

Grow cotton

The Angle Pillow is made with GOTS certified cotton, grown at farms in Chinca and Labayeque, Peru.

Spin into yarn

The raw cotton is sent to Lima for hand spinning.

Natural dyes

The handspun yarn is then naturally dyed with botanical dyes made of nogal, tara beans, and ratania.


Once the yarn has dried, it is sent to an artisan workshop for weaving.


After all of the fronts and backs are woven, the pillows are sewn together with zippers.

Ship to warehouse

After all pillows have been sewn, consolidated shipments are sent from Lima to our New York warehouse.

Ship to home

Once you order, we stuff the covers with one of our down-alternative pillow inserts and ship directly to your home.