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December 05, 2019 collaboration

Exclusive Pillows for Lawson Fenning

We had the chance to collaborate with one of our favorite stockists, Lawson-Fenning: a California-based design brand specializing in vintage, midcentury furniture, and its own LF Collection that is designed and crafted in Los Angeles.

Late last year I met Glenn, Grant, and Sarah of Lawson-Fenning at Field & Supply in Kingston, NY. Their amazing LA showroom had recently picked up our line and I was excited to finally put a face with the name. I was even more excited when a custom collaboration came up! I love the opportunity to design specific products for clients. It gives me a chance to approach design and techniques in totally new and different ways. 

The three moodboards Glenn and Grant presented to me.

To begin with, Glenn and Grant put together a mood board. I was immediately drawn to their inspiration — deep blues, warm neutrals, and a minimalist aesthetic inspired by some of my favorite artists: Sol Lewitt, Agnes Martin, and Joself Albers.

The first process panels of each pillow front, with the pixelated compositions used to layout the designs on the loom. Photo by Skye Parrott.

I immediately knew I wanted to work with the weaving group that produces our Barragan pillows - a group of three sisters who weave on backstrap looms in Cancuc, Chiapas. The technique they specialize in allows for an overall textural, almost pixelated feel with the possibility of larger graphic compositions. Luckily, I was also able to visit them to see the pillows in progress. We are so thrilled with how they turned out and feel they represent a perfect blend of Lawson-Fenning and MINNA's unique aesthetics.


The two pillows are available exclusively via Lawson-Fenning