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September 29, 2020 Process

Doing Something a Little Different

When it comes to our Fall Winter 2020 collection launch, we're slowing down. Usually, we launch a collection all at once - but, instead of pushing ourselves in the face of COVID-related delays and production timeline hiccups, we're doing things a bit differently. We'll be rolling out a new product family each week for the next month and sharing here a peek at some of the new textures and colors we worked with. We hope you enjoy this new approach! 

Last year we talked about slowing down our design process - doing less with more. Taking what we already have and building upon the foundation. Sam and Sara approached this collection with a similar spirit. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, they designed only a few entirely new pieces, built off of best-sellers, and rounded out our color palette with new colorways using the foundation of a grid and space as the basis for exploring rugs and throws. 

For this new collection we focused on earthy, warm colors and structural graphics — using natural dyes for mossy and earthy new colorways for some of our best selling pillow styles, as well as tonal experiments. We were inspired by nature and colors that are suggestive of that perfect evening stroll, as day turns to night.  

We also continued our love affair with the grid. Early in the collection development, Sara joked “How many grids are too many grids?"a question frankly (and quickly) answered by “I don't think I'll ever tire of exploring how to use a grid and how to break a grid.” We explore this idea in a number of ways: visual, textural, conceptual.

While we never could have predicted just how different this year would be, we’re grateful for the chance to hold ourselves accountable for that plan of slowing down and returning to a meaningful focus on conscious creation. Stay tuned for updates, more twists and turns, and product releases coming soon!