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May 19, 2022 At the Table

At the Table: Becca of Fishwife

What’s your name? Tell us about yourself.

My name is Becca Millstein! I'm the cofounder/CEO of Fishwife, a tinned seafood company based here in LA. I'm from New Hampshire originally, but moved to California in 2016 after graduating from college to work in the music biz! I started working on the company in spring 2020, and launched it later that year in December. Been riding this fishy train ever since, and having the best time of my life.

Can you share a little about Fishwife? (The inspiration? the name? those funky graphics!?)

During COVID, my friend Caroline and I were living together and eating tons of tinned seafood (and just lots of seafood generally). During COVID, when you couldn't walk down the street from the office to grab a burrito or a salad or what have you, and when grocery store trips were limited, tinned seafood was the perfect solution for making quick, delicious, nutritious meals.

And then one day we were on a hike, bouncing back and forth business ideas to pass the time. We arrived at tinned fish, and realized that there was no company in the US speaking to the impending tinned seafood moment that we felt was just bubbling below the surface! So we launched real quick, and were met with a whole lot of encouragement! Have been busting it to bring delicious, responsibly-sourced tinned seafood to the people since then.

My brilliant friend Grier Stockman told me about the word, "Fishwife," and it's etymology — there was no other option after that. Then I was looking for talented illustrators to take on the job, and a former collaborator of mine introduced me to Danny "Danbo" Miller, our absolutely brilliant illustrator, who creates all the main Fishwife branding.

Tell us about the tasting event.

We're always in product development, and this year's a big one — with 4 products launching, and many more just on the horizon! So — for this tasting, I brought a big group of friends together to try out a few different species and flavor variations with a new cannery that I've been talking to since 2020, but have only recently started working on development projects with. 

- Was there a special occasion?

Trying out these new recipes we're developing, and getting feedback from some smarty and savvy tinned fish pals!

- What did you serve?

I can't say the exact fish species / flavors (although some are very easy to guess from the pics), but I always serve warm baguettes, cultured butter, a variety of cheeses, olives, grapes - classic charcuterie faire!

- Any favorite pairings you like that help to bring out flavors?

Our philosophy at Fishwife is to find the best quality fish and let it speak for itself. So I'm simple — always love our products with a little squeeze of lemon, maybe a drizzle of great olive oil, atop a tasty toasty bread!

- How do you like to serve small bites, to make snacking and chatting easier?

The primary function of these tastings is getting feedback on products, so, although people always end up having too much fun and chatting the whole time, we really are focused on taking little nibbles of the fish straight, really experiencing the flavor, texture, scent, etc, and then clearing palettes with sips of wine and bites of bread + butter.

What three songs are a must on your party playlist?

  • How Will I Know - Whitney Houston
  • Dirty Work - Steely Dan
  • The Steps - Haim

Anything else you'd like to share?

Get ready for some tasty new Fishwife! This tasting was a smash.