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August 28, 2021

An Ode to Baths

There is nowhere else I would rather be than in the bath. Thinking about warm water, my shelf of bath salts and soaks, and putting my phone down for a bit is enough to lower my blood pressure. While I’m no expert, I’m content to claim the title of bath enthusiast here at MINNA, indulging in several baths a week before the sun comes up or after a busy day in the shop.

While there is no wrong way to take a bath, I’ve found that establishing a few rituals can level-up any bath experience, whether you’re at home, on the road, or settling for your too-small apartment bathtub (like me!).

Before sinking into your bath, make sure to have the following things nearby:

Towels for drying off, I also love wrapping up my hair to dry in them while lounging around afterwards.

robe for lounging in while preparing the bath and afterwards, too.

A bath mat to make drying off less precarious

A few of our tea towels nearby to dry your hands, wash your face or roll up and rest behind your neck for extra support while soaking.

Prepping for the Bath

The perfect bath starts with adding a cap-ful of Maude Body Wash, which doubles as a pH balanced extra-fluffy bubble bath, and a palmful of Maude Soak to running water.

To set the vibe, put on this playlist, light MAAPS incense in the scent Rift, which smells like smoked rose (think slightly wilted roses you picked from the garden last week, meets a just blown out candle). If I’m up before the sun, or it’s late, I’ll light one or two Greentree Everyday Tapers to create a warm glow for reading. 

Ahead of hopping in the bath, gather your favorite beverages (it’s important to stay hydrated while bathing!). I like adding Wooden Spoon Herbs Aphrodisia to seltzer for a heart-warming vibe. If I’m taking a morning bath and want to wake my body up a little more, I’ll brew a cup of coffee and add a scoop of Golde Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend.

I’m a big fan of bath snacks, and MYRTH’s salad plates make an excellent snacking plate. My current favorites are: local raspberries + a few squares of extra-dark chocolate, dates with almond butter + sea salt, and spaghetti carbonara with a glass of lambrusco from my favorite local wine shop.

In the Bath

My best tip for an excellent bathing experience is you-do-you! This is your time to relax and unwind, whatever that looks like to you! Somedays, I make sure to leave my phone in the other room, using the bath as my oasis; somedays I send my best emails, catch up with friends over text, or indulge in some scrolling.

While Everyday Oil is the obvious option for post-bath hydration, I love adding a few pumps to the bath for extra hydration, and like to mix 3 pumps with Sisters Nourishing Conditioner for a DIY hair mask while I soak. Paired with Alder’s clarifying yet gentle mask for a full face, neck + chest detox. After I’ve soaked in the tub for a bit and feel my blood flowing and muscles relaxing, I like to enjoy a slow and gentle massage with Palermo’s Detox Scrub.

After the Bath

After rinsing my face + DIY-hair mask away, I’ll put my wet hair up in an Everyday Scrunchie or a Dotte Bandana, put on my Everyday Robe, and follow up with Apis Apotheca’s AlcheMist and massage a generous amount of Flower Sap onto my face and décolletage while still in the tub, while my pores are still opened up. 

Before wrapping up my bathing experience, I always take a few moments to set my intentions for the day ahead or reflect on the peaks and pits of the day behind me.