Pile Rug Weavers - Arequipa

Pile Rug Weavers

Arequipa, Peru

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  • Hand Knotted Pile
Pile Rug Weavers - Arequipa
Pile Rug Weavers - Arequipa
Arequipa, also known as ‘The White City’ for the local white stone that makes up many of the buildings, is where we’ve partnered with a small all women run workshop to make our new pile rugs. The rugs are hand-knotted on vertical looms out of 100% wool.
Pile Rug Weavers - Arequipa
The hand-knotting process allows for very intricate designs. The weavers are masters of this unique technique and quickly knot row after row. Later, the yarns are cut to create a smooth, consistent surface.

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