Pedal Loom Weavers - Lima

Pedal Loom Weavers

Lima, Peru

Artisans in Group


Styles Made


Techniques Used

  • Pedal Loom
  • Natural Dyes
  • Handspun Yarns
Pedal Loom Weavers - Lima
Pedal Loom Weavers - Lima
In Lima we’ve partnered with an artisan-led workshop made up of four weavers from San Pedro de Cajas, Tarma, and Huancavelica. We were blown away by their textural experimentation and interest in creating experimental, complex designs.
Pedal Loom Weavers - Lima
Working with natural dyes and handspun yarns, this workshop brings together multiple techniques to create beautiful pieces that transcend time. The small group brings on additional weavers based on production size to work at their centralized workshop. A favorite workshop innovation is their bicycle turned yarn winding machine.

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