Basket Weavers - Pacasmayo

Basket Weavers

Pacasmayo, Peru

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  • Hybrid Crochet-Weaving
Basket Weavers - Pacasmayo
Basket Weavers - Pacasmayo
Pacasmayo is a small town on the northern coast of Peru, right where the edge of the desert meets the Pacific Ocean. There we work with several women-run cooperatives who specialize in a hybrid of European crochet and traditional backstrap loom weaving. This technique is only found in the Andes - in the north of Peru through Ecuador and Colombia.
Basket Weavers - Pacasmayo
Since this technique doesn't require a machine or backstrap loom, it's convenient for the women to work from home. Traditionally, this technique is used to make small bags, coca leaf bags, and blankets. They also typically use brightly colored cotton and synthetics; however, we’ve partnered with them to use 100% jute and a blend of 70% recycled plastic bottles and 30% cotton.

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