Wooden Spoon Herbs Rose Colored Glasses


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Product Story

Wooden Spoon Herbs Rose-Colored Glasses is a mood-boosting daily tincture meant to impart rosy positivity. With mood-lifting and intuition-enhancing herbs of rose, holy basil, and milk oats, taken daily, Rose-Colored Glasses will encourage you to embrace the world around you with love. 

We recommend taking one dropper full of Rose-Colored Glasses up to 3 times daily. Tinctures can be applied right under the tongue, or mixed into your favorite warming beverage like coffee or tea, or added to seltzer.

Product Details

  • 2oz bottle with dropper
  • Take 35 drops up to three times daily
  • Created by Wooden Spoon Herbs in Cloudland, Georgia

Ingredients: holy basil (ocimum sanctum), rose (rosa centifolium), milky oats (avena sativa), vibrational flower essence of mimosa (albizia julbrissin), glycerine, distilled water (all organic)