#1 -Greenport Manor


Product Story

Built 1985 - 40 apartment units

LIFTED: Public Housing, an Aerial Perspective is a collection of pieces by artist and woodworker Sean Desiree depicting aerial views of seven public housing units in Hudson, NY. Sean’s pieces are handcrafted out of repurposed pallets, a 19th century schoolhouse in Albany, NY, and scraps from other woodworkers. Each one of a kind piece is available for purchase with a sliding scale price range with the intention of funding a grant for a local artist or maker who resides in Hudson public housing.

Sliding scale pricing provided by artist Sean Desiree reflects the time, cost, and labor required to make each unique piece while maintaining accessibility.

Product Details

Size - 25 ½” x 33 ½”

Composition - Pine, oak, zebra wood, ash, mahogany, spalted maple, unknown species

*Please note that colors may vary slightly from photos.

All Pieces from LIFTED: Public housing, an Aerial Perspective are final sale.