How We Work

MINNA creates ethically made home goods rooted in traditional craft techniques. We believe that contemporary design should not sacrifice social responsibility, and that our homes should be a reflection of our values.

Our Philosophy

We care about the world and our place in it. Preserving the ancient craft techniques we work with is important to us — we strive to do our part in ensuring that these crafts, and the history, language, and culture that surrounds them, endure in the face of mass production. By pairing Indigenous textile techniques with contemporary designs, we can assist in bringing the work of our artisan partners to a wider market. We think that by working within the realm of responsible design, we can do our part in improving the world and people’s lives on an individual level – whether it’s our customers, our employees, or the artisans we work with.

Our Partners

We work with family-run workshops and independently-run cooperatives. Our process is highly collaborative, and we trust the workmanship, skill, and knowledge of our artisan partners. The artisans set their own wages, and we are committed to following fair trade practices in all aspects of our business. Many of the artisans have been working in their mediums for generations and are masters at their craft. We seek out partners who are interested in design innovation and thinking outside the box. Our artisan partners are our close friends and collaborators.

Techniques Used

  • Flying Shuttle Loom
  • Pedal Loom
  • Backstrap Loom
  • Manual Knit Machine
  • Hand Knit
  • Felting
  • Natural Dyes
  • Ikat

Our Materials

We work hard to source natural and sustainable materials. Our cotton, sheep wool, and alpaca wool are colored with natural or toxin-free synthetic dyes. We partner with sustainable factories and small-batch producers to ensure quality. Each handmade piece is the result of a careful production process, and we hope that you can see and feel the difference.

Our Impact

We see our approach to production as a direct investment in the lives of the artisans we work with. We depend on each other to be successful, and by choosing to make products in the way we do, we directly create jobs that encourage growth and financial stability for the artisans we work with.

Made in Mexico

Made here: Rugs, Pillows, Napkins, Tea Towels, Runners, Baskets, Throws

Working in cotton and wool on a range of looms from room-sized floor looms to portable backstrap looms, our partners here make some of the most quintessential pieces in our collection. Our relationships with these master artisans are the foundational collaborative partnerships of MINNA.

Shop Made in Mexico

Made in Peru

Made here: Pillows, Throws, Rugs

We've been drawn to the textile traditions of Peru for years and are so excited to finally begin working here for our Fall Winter 2019 collection. From handspun merino to naturally dyed handspun cotton to fine Alpaca, the materials of Peru are truly special.

Shop Made in Peru

Made in Guatemala

Made here: Rugs, Pillows, Tea Towels, Napkins, Runners, Placemats

We are inspired by the incredibly vast and varied textile production methods found across Guatemala. After Mexico, our artisan partners in Guatemala produce the broadest range of products and techniques in our line – from rugs and pillows to kitchen textiles.

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Made in Uruguay

Made here: Pillows, Throws

In Uruguay, we work with the largest network of women-run co-ops in the country. Uruguay is known for its fine wools, and the groups that we work with make the handspun yarns start to finish — from shearing, spinning and dying, to weaving, knitting, felting, and embroidery.

Shop Made in Uruguay

Made in Bolivia

Made here: Throws, Pillows

Textile creation has been a part of indigenous Bolivian culture for thousands of years. Alpaca wool is prevalent in high altitude Andean regions. So, we knew where to head when we decided we wanted to create new pieces using alpaca! Known for its softness, warmth, and durability, Alpaca is considered one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world.

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