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January 28, 2021

What Makes a Sample?

The MINNA Sample Sale starts today - but what is a sample exactly?

Throughout the year we save up one of a kind pieces, floor models from the shop and studio, little production hiccups that are just a little too different to mix in with the rest, and styles we’re getting ready to say goodbye to. As the sample section of our warehouse starts to grow - it reminds us that it’s time to share with all of you.

Scroll for more on what makes a sample sale, and shop the collection for unique handmade pieces.

One of a kind samples

First runs, second attempts, and styles that never made it to the floor. With every piece in the MINNA collection, there are countless conversations, sketches, and adjustments along the way. Shop one of a kind samples with unique colorways, design variations, and one off ideas. Handmade with care and consideration, every step of the way.

Retiring styles

All good things must come to an end. As we introduce new pieces to the collection, we have to make a little room. Find comfort in these timeless styles designed to live past their finale.

Floor models (lived in)

MINNA pieces are made to be lived in - and sometimes that life starts before they head home with you. Shop floor models with a little more of a backstory. Natural fibers affected by shop window sun exposure, kitchen textiles that have spent a season on our storefront table top, and everything in between. Keep the story going in your space with a little extra character built in.

Production mix ups

The best thing about handmade pieces is just that - they’re handmade. With each and every piece at MINNA, you can see the skill and craft woven in. Some pieces may show a bit more than others - a misplaced line, a unique color stripe, or something just a little different. These little mix ups are one of a kind, and show the collaborative design process behind every MINNA piece.