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July 08, 2022 Tips

Summer Birthday Gift Guide

We understand how hard gift-giving can be, especially for friends we haven’t seen in a while or new pals who have entered our life. From your best friend to a new work acquaintance, we’re rounding up our favorite ethical gifts to give the special folks in our lives.

For your water sign friend:

Everyday Robe + Towel

Cancer season is here, which means it’s time to celebrate our favorite water sign friends. We’re recommending our Everyday Robe and Towel as the perfect gift here. Most water signs are called to dip their toe in any kind of water, from a calming bath to a day at the beach. This Robe and Towel pairing is perfect for around the house and outside alike. Our Everyday Towel is made from cotton bouclé, making it slightly plush yet lightweight–perfect for drying off after an evening bath or a quick dip outside. Our Everyday Robe is made of a breezy, lightweight cotton, perfect for transitioning from around the house to outside as a cover-up.

For the friend with the green thumb:

Palm Basket + Utility Apron

To celebrate our friends who can grow just about anything, give them a nice vessel to show off their mighty monstera! We love to use our handwoven baskets as decorative planters (just remind your friend to use a pot and saucer so they don’t have to worry about drainage.) To round out the gift, our Utility Apron is the perfect piece for gardening or repotting plants. With two large pockets and an open back, this apron is breathable and functional while remaining fun in three bright colorways.

For the Leo in your life:

Abstract Throw in Hunter Green

Leo season is on the horizon, as we’re sure your leo friends have not let you forget. Fans of the finer things in life, we’re recommending one of our all time favorite throws for your show-stopper, fire sign friend: our Abstract Throw. This throw catches the eye of almost every customer in our brick-and-mortar shop and adds a unique pop to any surface you display it on. Cozy yet eye catching, this throw is sure to impress the fire sign in your life.

For the amateur chef:

Grid Apron + Cookbook

For the friend whose new year's resolution was to cook more at home, we’re recommending our Grid Apron, a good cookbook, and plans to cook a meal together. Our Grid Apron is equally functional and stylish with an adjustable loop tie around the neck and waist. This apron also comes in five different colorways, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to fit right in your friend’s home. One of our cookbooks makes a sweet addition to this gift. Bonus points for flipping through the book, picking a recipe that looks intriguing, and promising to cook it with your friend either virtually or in-person!

For the homebody:

Texture Pillowcases + a good book

For the friend who would rather stay at home with a good book on the weekend, why not treat them to a slightly upgraded version of that? A fresh set of pillowcases is a great way to liven up your tried and true bedding set with a pop of color or a new pattern. Our pillowcases come in 3 sizes and 7 colorways, so there’s sure to be a set perfect for your friend. In addition to a new set of pillowcases, we’re also recommending a good book to round out this gift. Any of our art books are the perfect addition to a cozy day spent in bed.

For the entertainer:

Cutting board + Cheese knives

For the friend who loves to host and is an expert cheese board creator, we recommend giving them a funky alternative to your average cutting board and cheese knives. We love these Cutting Boards and Cheese Knives from our friends at Fredericks + Mae. Functional yet stylish, this gift brings a fun pop of color to any home. Pair with a bottle of their favorite wine and a plan to watch your favorite movie together.