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May 12, 2022 Rituals

Rituals: Jess of Palermo

What's your name? Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jess Morelli. I'm the Founder of Palermo Body, a natural skincare company helping our customers prioritize their self-care and wellbeing. We make products that fit easily into your daily routine so taking care of yourself is the easiest part of your day.

Are you a morning or a night person? 

I'm a night person who wishes they were a morning person. I've been aspiring towards this goal for years although on some level have accepted I'm wired as a night owl. The biggest help with my "morning person" aspirations has been creating a routine around my sleep schedule, both morning and night.

Tell us about your (morning or nightly) ritual, and why it works for you.

My [ideal] morning routine consists of starting the day with a 10-15min meditation and a morning workout. I've learned that these two self-care practices are essential for me in order to move through my days with clarity and reduced anxiety. Before my meditation, I roll on one of Palermo's Aromatherapy Oils to connect my mind and body through my senses. Post-workout I'll either use one of our Body Scrubs to promote circulation in my skin and muscles (helping muscle recovery) or massage one of our Body Oils on still dewy skin after hopping out of the shower. I say this is my [ideal] routine because life happens and I don't get to this seven days a week, my target is 3-4 days. Setting realistic goals for self-care is just as important as the self-care itself. We've all experienced the pressure that comes along with the "things we should do for ourselves". That's not self-care that's a chore. Practicing self-care is just that, practice, not perfection. I aim to be gentle with myself my results are always better.

What sensory elements does it include?

Scent, sight, touch, and sound, all play a major role when enjoying the products I use in my daily routine. This is intentional, I formulate all Palermo with all of our senses in mind. Even the sound of running a bath can be therapeutic if you've created a relaxing routine around the process. Your body and mind will immediately begin to relax, it's truly beautiful.

Did someone in your life influence this ritual, if so, how?

My nonna has had a huge influence on my life. She was Sicilian and lived a very natural and holistic lifestyle which made a lasting impression on me from the time I spent with her in my early childhood until now, many years after she has passed. In fact, she's the inspiration behind the natural values of my business and my first experiences in understanding the importance of self-care were learned from her. She was from Palermo. <3