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June 14, 2019 Behind the Scenes

Our New Website

A better storytelling experience. :)

We're so excited to launch our new website! I'm even more excited to tell you that I didn't design it! Prior to starting MINNA, I was a graphic designer working in branding and digital design. Luckily, that experience helped us bring the MINNA brand to life and get us a pretty 'ok' website for a while. But, I knew it was time for us to branch out, build something custom, and hire someone else to design it.

So, I hired a previous colleague of mine (and one of my all-time favorite website designers), Yuji Sakuma to give us a fresh look. We wanted the new site to focus on storytelling — how our products are made, where they are made, and who makes them. We have tons and tons of photography that I've taken on productions trips — and finally some actual professional photography from our most recent trip to Mexico — and we wanted to let those images shine. David Gross from First Child developed the site and came up with a seamless solution for each product page to highlight the artisan group that makes it. 

This was a complete labor of love project for the entire MINNA team. Everyone one of us was involved in the process from copywriting to re-thinking our product taxonomy to selecting imagery to site testing. Have a look — read about the places we work and the incredible artisans we work with. And please let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you. 


Sara + the MINNA team