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May 19, 2020 Our Products

MINNA Mask Care Instructions

Some tips and tricks for keeping your mask clean, effective, and safe. Head to our Instagram for a video how-to on mask cleaning and care.

To ensure you are putting on a clean mask, make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly before touching your mask. When putting on your mask, try to touch only the loops or ties and avoid touching the mask itself. Once your mask is on, make sure it is secure and fitted as closely as possible to your face. When you are not wearing your mask, make sure you have a clean, safe place to keep it out of anyone’s reach.

Mask care and cleaning

Your mask should be washed as frequently as possible using hot water and soap or detergent. It is recommended that fabric masks are washed after each use.

Hand washing options

You can hand wash your mask in a sink, bathtub, or even a clean bowl. To do this, make sure your washing station is clean and fill your tub or sink with hot water. Put your mask in the hot water and make sure it is fully covered, then add your detergent or soap. Mix in your soap and scrunch your mask gently to make sure it is making contact with the soap or detergent. Leave your mask to soak in the hot water for up to 30 minutes. Next, drain your water and press out excess water. Refill your bowl sink or tub with hot clean water, and soak your mask for a few minutes making sure to get off all the soap. You can run your mask under the running water as a final rinse to make sure all the soap is off.

Another option is to boil your mask on a stovetop. To do this, all you need to do is put your mask into a boiling pot of water and allow it to soak for no more than 10 minutes.

To dry your mask, hang it in a clean dry place. You can use a clothes hanger or any place where it can hang until completely dry. If you do not have a place to hang it, you can lay it flat on a clean dry towel to air dry.

Machine washing

If using a machine, we strongly recommend washing masks in a 'delicates' bag on a delicate cycle and tumble drying or air drying. The delicates bag will help prevent the ties or elastics from getting tangled and tearing.