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March 05, 2023

Meet the Team - George

We believe that our team is what makes us truly special. Each member of our staff brings unique talents, perspectives, and experiences to the table. So we truly hope you'll enjoy getting to know our team as much as we do.

Today, you get to meet George, who’s in charge of every MINNA order that arrives at your home. Yes, the handwritten note is written by George every time! 

What's your name:



George: He/Him

Where are you from?

George: Brooklyn, CT

What do you do at MINNA?

George: Order fulfillment, shipping and inventory.

How did you get started with MINNA?

George: I filled out a blind application (part of MINNA’s practices to achieve and maintain B Corporation Certification) because I liked the mission of the company. I started part time when we moved to the area. Since then the position has expanded and now I’m full time.

What does working ethically mean to you?

George: It means treating people fairly and being a steward of the earth.

Record Shelves made (and signed!) by George

An unexpected day off looks like…

George: Cooking and/or record shopping

Secret/hidden talents?

George: I have an FCC license. I can operate your radio tower.

What are your favorite MINNA pieces?

George: The stuff I like: 

  1. Large Tule basket
  2. Marta Throw - Blue
  3. Panalito Placemat - Iris
  4. Sol Potholder - Honey
  5. Triangle Towel - Moss
  6. All the Fawn Stripe Towels

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?

George: Travel.

The best piece of advice you like to give?

George: Eat.