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November 18, 2020 Meet the team

Meet the Team : Andiyah Patrick

Andiyah Patrick

Where are you from?
Northampton, MA

What do you do at MINNA?
Marketing Manager, which means I do just about everything in the marketing realm from the ideation and creation of campaigns to budget planning and analytics. 

How did you get started with MINNA? 
I had been working as a freelancer in branding and marketing for a few years, living what I thought to be the "New York life". I was hustling hard and always a little too stressed. Once Covid hit, I (like most everyone) was forced to consider other options. I realized that my quality of life could improve and my energy would be better spent in one place. I began my job hunt shortly after my realization and found MINNA. It was like the world had affirmed my choice and maybe 2020 was a little less bad.

What does working ethically mean to you?
To me, working ethically means working with all the consideration and intention you can muster.  It means considering the impact of your work from how you source your materials to how you sell your end product. It means staying open to new systems that would benefit your immediate community and world at large. 

An unexpected day off looks like…
An impromptu trip to a park or body of water (weather permitting) with a few friends and as many snacks and drinks as we can carry.

Secret/hidden talents?
I'm a fantastic hype woman. If you need a pep talk for an interview or a choreographed cheer for your next Scrabble tournament, I gotchu! 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten? The best piece of advice you give?
If it ain't servicing you, cut it out! Life is too short to entertain bad energy. Do your best to place yourself in situations that nurture your best self so you can nurture others.