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July 20, 2018 Production Trip

Guatemala Production Trip — June 2018

A 10-day visit to check on production and visit new artisan groups to collaborate with.

I spent 10 days traveling around Guatemala meeting with our artisan partners to check on new and current production. I also got to visit several groups that we are hoping to begin partnering with in the future. My wife came along — it was so much fun to get to show her another of the places we work. 

Sometimes production meetings end up happening in a gas station parking lot on the way to another workshop! Checking out new Panalito colors for our placemats and runners. 

L: Threads at the market in Chichicastenango  // R: Women at the market at Chichicastenango. 

Luis leads one of the weaving workshops we work with in Momostenango.

Specs and yarn samples for our Formas I and Formas II pillows.

I was incredibly impressed by the women's cooperative in Cajolá and hope to collaborate with them in the future!