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November 01, 2019 Tips

Four Ways to Set the Table for Thanksgiving

A few tablescape ideas for the Thanksgiving table.

Tablescape: Harvest

Warm earth, oak, and grain.

Start with a neutral tablecloth base and layer with the Panalito Runner in Cream. The alternating sides of the reversible Panalito Placemats in Gold create texture and depth. Lastly, finish with the Ikat Rust Napkins.
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Tablescape: Warm Neutrals

Deep stone, caramelized peach, and toasted wheat.

Layer the Panalito Runner in Peach with the Dash Runner Neutral to build a warm base. Add in a mix of Natural Palm Placemats and reversible Panalito Placemats in Peach for some subtle contrast, and finish with the Stripe Napkins in Apricot.
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Tablescape: Midnight

Table wine, ocean air, and thick crusted bread.

Put a twist on the traditional tablecloth with a Marta Throw Blue and create depth by layering the Panalito Placemat in Indigo and Ikat Runner Indigo. Mix and match your Grid Napkin sets in both Cream and Indigo to tie it all together.
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Tablescape: Late Autumn

Golden hour at 5pm, crunchy leaves, and hot apple cider.

Take in the final days of fall by layering the Panalito Runner in Gold over a neutral tablecloth or wood base. Cleanse your palette with Panalito Placemats in cream, and make a statement with layered Natural Palm Placemats the Blocks Towel Rust. Celebrate the golden hour by finishing with alternating Grid Napkins in Peach and Sunrise Stripe Napkins
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