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March 04, 2023 Style Guide

Easing into Spring

There are few things better than the relief of winter breaking, the earth thawing around us, seeing green again as snow melts and plants begin to leaf out. Opening up the windows, burning some incense, and tucking away the heavy fabrics in our wardrobe and home are some of the early spring rituals we indulge in. Punctuate the season by breathing spring’s renewal into your home, with lighter fabrics and brighter shades (and maybe sitting back with the spring cocktail recipe below!).

For the bedroom: 

Swap out flannel sheets and heavy blankets with crisp, breathable cotton for cool, restful sleep (with windows open!)

For the living room:

Curl up in cotton, whether light or heavy-weight—either way it’s breathable, washes easily, and will keep you cozy but not overheated.

For the kitchen:

We like to rotate tabletops a bit throughout the year to mix things up and mark the seasonal shifts. Dining textiles like our Panalito Runners in Sage and Peach, Grid Napkins in Gold, and Meridian Napkins in Jay add levity to your tablescape. These new Xaquixie glasses in Mango are perfect for a spring cocktail or mocktail—recipe below!

For a non-alcoholic version, we recommend replacing the sparkling wine and Cynar with 2 parts Ghia and 2 parts soda water, and you can add orange zest instead of bitters!